Comets in Plymouth

  With coach Andy McGinty other wise occupied accepting the Coach of the Year award. Senior players Dan Paddon and Izzy Howe took over coaching the Comets in Plymouth.

Sat V Penquin Emperors.

On Saturday afternoon, after over 6 hours of travelling, the Comets unfortunately lost 7-8 to the older London Penguin Emperors. The first quarter's score was 1 all, with a goal from Maisy Clapperton. The second quarter saw more goals, with Robyn Greenslade scoring 2 and Maisy scoring a further one goal. However, the other team also scored a further three, making the score at half time 4-4. During the third quarter, Robyn and Maisy bagged another goal each, while the Emperors also scored two goals. The overall score at this time was six all. During the final quarter of this extremely close game, Amy Rudman managed to score which took the Comets ahead, but unfortunately the Emperors gained 2 more so they were the overall winners. The girls did exceptionally well considering they only had one sub, meaning that with a full squad would possibly have won. This was a promising start to the weekend.

Sun V Mid Sussex Marlins

This morning saw an extremely well-fought match by the City of Manchester Comets against the Mid-Sussex Marlins. By the end of the first quarter the score was still 0-0, proving that it was very close, well matched game to begin with. However, the Comets came out fighting and within the first 35 seconds of the second quarter, Anna Ticehurst scored a whopper of a goal, making it 1-0. The Comets remained patient and found their breakthrough, meaning by the end of the second quarter, the Comets were 3-1 up with further goals from Maisy Clapperton and Martha Warrilow.The third quarter saw the team go from strength to strength with a score of 7-1. Robyn Greenslade "slayed" as she found her angle in pit, bagging 2 goals with Amy Rudman, Jodie Adams and Thea Simpson also scoring. Maisy Clapperton was consistently strong in defence, and didn't let the side down when asked to take two penalties.Going into the 4th quarter with Martha on 3 majors and Anna on 2 the girls proved their dominance by still managing to extend their lead with no subs, with Anna Ticehurst scoring her second whopper of a goal and Thea Simpson scoring two more goals for a match hat trick. A shout out must go to goal keeper Niamh who played a key role between the posts and was amazing throughout. The final score was 15-4, with every single player scoring at least one goal. Well done girls!